Terrorism is an evil thing that white people are afraid of. Common signs of terrorism include swarthiness, foreign languages and differing world views. In war, there are key distinctions between a terrorist and a non-terrorist:

- Terrorists blow up buildings using improvised explosives. Non-terrorists blow up buildings using military issued explosives.

- Terrorists are willing to kill innocent people in the name of their world views. Non-terrorists are willing to kill innocent people in the name of stopping the terrorists' world views.

- Terrorists will use propaganda to spread misinformation. Non-terrorists will use mass media to spread misinformation.

- Terrorists are fuelled by hatred of non-terrorists. Non-terrorists are fuelled by hatred of terrorists.

- Terrorists will commit murder on a regular basis. Non-terrorists will commit legally sanctioned acts of collateral damage on a regular basis.

- Terrorists will kill their own countrymen. Non-terrorists will kill the terrorist's countrymen.

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