<hero description="Welcome to lumpen wikia, where life and things are explained from an underclass perspective. Because of this, we cannot afford any source links. Sorry. If anyone could buy us a university, that would be great. Especially since our ancestors built them all. " imagename="" cropposition="" />

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Latest activityEdit

  • edit Lumpen Wikia
    edited by Thumblesteen diff
  • edit Feminism
    edited by Thumblesteen diff
  • new page Irony
    created by Thumblesteen
    New page: Irony is a word you've never used correctly, and refers to a type of joke that stupid people are automatically offended by.
  • new page Feminism
    created by Thumblesteen
    New page: Feminism is the political belief that women should have equal rights to that of men. As such, this is a highly extremist view that clearly puts women...
  • new page Bronies
    created by Thumblesteen
    New page: Bronies are a group of people who like a TV show that society doesn't think they should like. As a result, they are a menace to society and should be...
  • new page Sex
    created by Thumblesteen
    New page: Sex is the act of stimulating someone or yourself using either someone or yourself in a sexual fashion. There are two different types of sex. Good...
  • edit Terrorism
    edited by Thumblesteen diff
  • edit Murder
    edited by Thumblesteen diff
  • new page Murder
    created by Thumblesteen
    New page: Murder, legally known as "bad guy killing" is when a bad guy kills someone. Usually without being paid taxes to do so. It's very different from "good...
  • new page Terrorism
    created by Thumblesteen
    New page: Terrorism is an evil thing that white people are afraid of. Common signs of terrorism include swarthiness, foreign languages and differing world...

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