Feminism is the political belief that women should have equal rights to that of men. As such, this is a highly extremist view that clearly puts women above men, and should therefore be likened to the holocaust at every conceivable opportunity.

Feminists secretly run reddit and tumblr, just like the Jews secretly run the world, and therefore feminism. Most feminists are just angry women who aren't allowed to have sex. Because that's always the reason for a woman to be angry and you shouldn't listen to what they have to say.

Best way to deal with feminism is by threatening outspoken feminists with rape. That way, you don't give them any justification for their views, and thanks to how feminism doesn't exist in western society; Nobody even takes rape threats seriously in court. So it's a perfectly legal thing to do. Rape threats also help dismiss any risk of dialogue, which may allow feminists to use their evil book learning. A concept academics refer to as witchcraft. That is, until feminists came.

Evidence of how feminism doesn't work:

- Most world leaders are men.

- Most rich people are men.

- Most famous inventors are men.

- Most famous artists are men.

- Most famous philosophers are men.

- This wiki was written by a man.

- Men have more power than women even though women are a world majority.

- What was the point I was making again?

The feminist ideology is based on bringing equality to women. This had lead to two main interpretations of feminism. The Liberal (read: correct) and Marxist (read: evil) interpretation.

Liberal feminists believe that men are exploiting women, and want to see more women exploiting women.

Marxist feminists believe that men are exploiting women, and want to see no women being exploited.

This is a typical display of the Marxist's ignorance in economics. As exploiting women is a key component of the western economy, and helps rich people sell boats to middle class people who can't afford them, thereby luring them into a rigged credit system that can then help banks reposess their home which will then ??????? into prosperity. Which is the core framework of trickle-down economics.

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