Democracy was invented in ancient Greece, or by uncredited black people. Since that's how history works. Anyhow, democracy etymologises from Demos and Kratos. "The people's will."

That's it. The will of the people. There was no mention of senates, or representatives, or mass-media interference, or bribes (or "lobbying", as North Americans call it), or pompous men in suits with law degrees who vote for your leader on your behalf because you're apparently too stupid to do it yourself.

There are several different types of democracy:

One Party State:

Contrary to what college graduates would have you believe, a one party state isn't a place where you can only vote for one party. It's a place where you vote for the members of said party. Contrary to multi-party states, where you vote for one leader of the party, and end up with a cluster of strangers following him or her into the parliament while you scratch your head in confusion.

Multi-party state:

A very optimistic term for a two party state, which is an idiot term for a one party state that has two different types of rhetoric to appeal to middle class and upper class people alike. But unlike an actual one party state, here you vote for the one party. Not it's members.

Direct Democracy:

An insane system where actual normal people are allowed to make choices without anyone telling them what to do.


Sortition is when you draw lots for a leader, kind of like jury duty. Typically elections are held more frequently, but considering how 46% of humanity has an IQ of 105+, that's a 46% chance of getting a leader more competent than in a multi-party state.

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